Scope of functions


  • Shift planning based on your data

    View your shift schedules

  • Required/Actual Matching

    Respond quickly to diseases or production spikes

  • Planning of agency workers

    Plan all your internal and external employees

  • Variable shift changes

    Change the shifts and assignment of your employees with a few mouse clicks

  • Absence integration

    The employee’s absences are displayed in the planning view

  • Holiday care

    In the annual overview absences for employees can be maintained and posted as absences

  • Maintaining of extra work

    In the application, additional work in the infotype 2007 can be stored directly in the planning.

  • User views

    The user can customize individual views to suit their needs and show and hide columns

  • Newsletter

    Get regular updates on the changes in your departments via the newsletter

  • Individual views

    Each role has its own view (planner, manger, employee)

  • Automatic planning

    The system determines the optimal distribution of tasks based on SAP data. Activities are automatically assigned and need to be corrected in individual cases

  • Splitting of holidays

    You have an emergency in production and someone will be pulled out of their vacation one day? Our system can also split the current holiday and insert a day of representation.

  • Employee presentation

    The employees in the planning view can be selected very individually, so that your own logic determines which employees are available for planning. In the standard, the employees to be planned from the OM are read with the evaluation path O-S-P.

  • Audits for company agreements and collective agreements

    Checks on your individual company agreements can be stored via Customizing.

  • Change logging

    All changes are included in a log, so that complex transfers of the shift line are bypassed

  • Plan staffing requirements

    Maintain personnel requirements and be informed by the proactive system about over- and under-coverage

Get an insight into the software


Our solution thrives on your ideas and experiences. We are constantly developing mindsquare workforce management and look forward to your input. The following is an excerpt of our planned innovations for workforce management.

  • Machine learning

    Your workforce management cannot be automated, because your expert knowledge cannot be squeezed into logic. Through machine learning, our system gradually learns how to correct the inputs and learn from your experts.

  • Reporting in case of problems

    You do not want to check the planning constantly, but only react to problems? Our system informs you proactively if a problem arises in your planning due to an increased demand in production or illness.

  • Shift exchange

    Anyone who has ever worked in shifts knows it. Private appointments or preferred working hours often cause the need to reschedule shifts. Mindsquare workforce management enables the exchange of shifts and ensures that your shift is covered with the right employees.

  • Mass care

    You want to implement the annual planning with a few clicks? Needless to say, we offer mass care fo this, so you only have to deal with details when they are important for you.

  • Load barometer

    See at a glance how heavily your employees are burdened. By using the load barometer you can see, based on your criteria, which employee currently needs compensation

  • Personal preferences

    It does not matter whether you prefer the shift in the morning in oder to be able to pick up the kids from school or the lucrative surcharges for the shift at night. Simply desposit your work preferences in the system and let the automatic planning take them into account.